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Nukhet Ozalp : A Trader with Passion

Having spent my childhood in a house and a school full of marble staircases and columns, it is not surprising that marble became a passion for me, Nukhet Ozalp. When this passion is flourished in a country where 35% of worldwide marble reserve is quarried, it is not a coincidence that I’ve decided to make a career in this field. My journey started in Tekmar Marble as the export sales manager right after my master’s degree in France followed by some years of work in a leading state bank in Turkey. During my time at Tekmar Marble, I have completed numerous business deals with customers all over the world for 9 years. In 2013, I’ve got transferred to Kinan Marble which is another leading marble company in Turkey. I have continued my corporate career for 3 more years at Kinan Marbles with whom I still work as a free-lancer trader. 

As everyone needs a change in life, in 2016 I have started NT Marble Trading by Nukhet Ozalp©

My starting point was to bring together the best quality product, competitive prices, and perfect before & after-sale service with buyers all over the world to create a solid and long-term business partnership. 

With 20 years of experience in the marble industry and having worked not only with the buyers but also with the production companies and quarries, I have combined my talents with deep know-how to reach my goal

Happy Customer + Happy Supplier = Successful Business

Although I deal with more than 45 countries, NT Marble Trading’s market consists of mainly the Middle East Countries (UAE – Qatar – Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Bahrain – Oman), the Far East Countries ( Indonesia – Singapore – South Korea), Europe (Italy – Spain – Greece – Malta), Africa (Morocco- Tunisia – Algeria – Libya- Nigeria), some South American Countries, Russia, Azerbaijan, Australia, and the USA.

As a free-lance trader, I am focused on the export of marbles, travertines, limestones, and onyx in blocks, slabs, and cut to sizes all over the world.

I am proud to say that my client portfolio is the biggest, most diversified, and strongest in the market. With over more than 200 containers of shipment per year, it is not a coincidence but it is the result of hard work, correct pricing, reliability, and optimum efforts that I pursued along with my carer. Hereby I thank all my business partners to help me to make the Nukhet Ozalp name the most reliable marble trader in the industry.

Sourcing the right material with the best quality and the correct price/value ratio requires knowledge of each market structure. Visiting every market, various warehouses, and industry-related fairs gave me the power and the strength to understand the client’s expectations and guide them for success-oriented business deals. Taking into consideration the value of competitive prices, I guarantee to provide you the quality you require meets the correct prices.

I will be very happy to assist you with your marble business in Turkey for any materials listed on my Product Range page.


Appearing on the ISKOLIK program alongside SELIN CEYLAN, broadcasted on Business Channel Türk TV, I shared insights into my professional journey.

Professional Path: I delved into my banking background, the transition to the marble sector, and the fascinating aspects of working with natural stones.

Global Market Perspectives: I stand out by exploring worldwide markets, comprehending diverse market dynamics from the Middle East to North America.

Challenges and Opportunities: Addressing industry challenges, the trend toward synthetic materials, and highlighting Turkey’s potential to outshine competitors like Italy, Spain, and Greece through improved organization and information utilization.

Guidance for New Entrants: Underscoring the significance of firsthand experience, I recommend newcomers grasp the dynamics of each market and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Future of the Marble Industry: Despite existing challenges, I express optimism for improvement in 2024, particularly in the American and Canadian markets.

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Nukhet Ozalp at Business Channel Tv Programme
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