Turkey: Heaven Of Marble

30 - 35 % of the world reserves with 48 colors & shapes

Turkish Marbles with 48 different colors as beige, white, grey, green, black, red marbles as well as travertine, limestone and onyx are the strong actor in marble industry all over the world. 

With many well equipped factories and production plants, the world’s 30 to 35 % of marble is quarried in Turkey

Famous Marbles In Turkey

Turkish Marbles : Beige Colors

Crema Nuova

Turkish beige marbles made a name in the industry with Crema Nuova which is a strong and homogeneous beige. Rosalia and Crema Nuova were some of the most preferred marbles in the world mainly in the Middle East for more than 15 years. Both materials are still available, with a high demand of mainly Russian clients however Burdur Beige is getting more trendy with its clear beige background.  

turkish marbles crema nuova

Burdur Beige

Many quarries in the Burdur area are producing big quantities of Burdur Beige blocks. Various well-equipped factories produce slabs and tiles in Burdur and Isparta areas. Burdur beige is exported also in blocks all over the world. Although it is called sometimes Turkish Crema Marfil, its creamy beige color and structure have a better quality than Crema Marfil. In addition, it is easily supplied in bigger quantities with the best quality. Its price range depends on the quarry, quality, and size. So one needs to know well the material to understand if the price given is on the right scale.

Empire Beige

Another beige color that Turkey is very strong is Empire Beige quarried from the Isparta area. The biggest demand is from Indonesia and India as slabs and China as blocks. Empire beige has a higher price for slabs than any other beige in Turkey as big slabs with a rare clean homogeneous view with some fossils movements. The same selection may be supplied for hundreds of square meters without any problem as the background is always the same and movements do not change much. Also good for high traffic areas. Slabs and tiles are available in the market, prices depend on quarries, light background color, and vein movements.  

turkish marbles burdur beige in slabs
turkish marbles diana royal

Diana Royal & Cappucino Beige

Diana Royal and Cappucino Beige are also available in Turkey with competitive prices and big slabs and homogenous views. Mainly the Middle East and North African countries like these beiges marbles more.   

Turkish Marbles: White Colors

There are very famous white marbles in Turkey such as Mugla White (Bianco Ibiza), Afyon White, Afyon Sugar, Afyon Violet, Lilac, Uşak White, Marmara White (Dolomite) and Marmara Equator (Pyjama).

turkish white marbles
most known turkish marbles mugla white marbles

Mugla White / Turkish Bianco Ibıza

It’s the most famous white marble of Turkey. It has a very high demand in the Middle East and North Africa for slabs, tiles and steps, and risers. Usually, the supply is high commercial and commercial quality. It is an easy-going material with low prices. Good material for commercial projects such as shopping malls, airports, etc… Limited extra & first qualities are supplied by companies producing good & higher qualities to Spain, Italy, Indonesia and USA with higher prices.

Afyon White, Afyon Sugar & Afyon Violet

Afyon White is a milky white marble with few greys, with very small crystals or without any.  On the other hand, 
Afyon Sugar is milky white background with yellow & a few violet movements.
Afyon Violet has milky background with yellow and violet movements
Smaller quantities than Mugla White available as boutique marble, better to use for boutique projects such as private villas.

lilac one of the best turkish marbles


It is a boutique material with lots of demand, especially for slabs. All blocks have their own structure when produced book-match offering very special and unique patterns   

Usak White

It is a boutique material with lots of demand, especially for slabs. All blocks have their own structure when produced book-match offering very special and unique patterns   

turkish marbles marmara pyjama

Marmara White (Dolomite) & Marmara Equator (Pyjama)

Both these Marmara Turkish Marbles are very well-known marbles for centuries as used in many palaces, villas, mosques, Turkish baths, bathrooms, etc… This marble’s high sulfur structure is one of the reasons for its high demand as also preferred to use in hygiene-required areas (avoid insects) like bathrooms.

Other Turkish Marbles

Turkish Emperador

It is usually lighter than Spanish Emperador. Adıyaman Emperador and Bursa Emparador are the main ones, nice brown colors with Emperador’s spider character, also Dark Emperador of Fethiye and Patara Emperador are the main materials available in Turkey.

White Limestone

From Finike Antalya, White Limestone is a beautiful & unique limestone of Turkey.  Far East, Middle East, UK and USA are the main markets
There are 4 types :

  • very clean white background without sesame or with fine sesame it is the extra & rare selection,
  • white background with sesame, one of the main selections,
  • white cloudy one the other most required selection
  • white limestone with fossils or mushroom limestone

Grey Marbles

Grey marble is very trendy in the world and Turkey has a lot of grey marbles such as Afyon Grey, Tundra Grey, Emotion Grey, Fantasy Grey, Egean Silver, Ocean Wave, Silver Grey, Grey Emperador, etc…
I would like to emphasize that Turkey has many types of grey marbles in different shades both dark or light shades and each grey marbles have very consistent selections and would be an excellent choice to add elegance to your projects; both commercial and boutique.

travertine a star of turkish marbles

Last But Not Least: Travertine

Light – Classic Beige, Noce, Red, Silver Travertines in Turkey are from Denizli, Konya, Kayseri, Mut, Sivas. Vein cut or cross cut; filled or unfilled and raw all types available. 

Strenghts Of Turkish Marbles

Weakness of Turkish Marbles

Importance of Marble Traders

The Brigde of Trust Between Producer & Buyer

The Role of Marble Trader

The traders are very important because they show the way to be more efficient, more productive, right pricing for each market, and eliminate any language problems. They are one of the main actors in the market. They promote materials and make you enter different markets in the world without any effort from your side. They are your company’s strength.

Some big companies work only on an order basis and lack of stock is an important issue for a trader visiting factories with customers. Most of the buyers prefer to choose materials from stocks instead of ordering and being forced to buy whatever is received from the production. Each client and market have different tastes. The producers have to diversify their export markets and also to have local buyers as natural stones come with various selections and qualities. These local buyers help the companies to reduce their stock and keep constant the turnover. In this way, it is possible to offer to the international buyer what he/she chose instead of forcing them to buy the remaining selections. The marble trader comes into the scene to ensure both sides are satisfied with the business they deal with. 

turkish marbles free lance traders

Some Tips From Nukhet Ozalp, Marble Trading Expert

"I need to mention about suppliers mainly selling blocks to China and not bringing good quality blocks to their own factories. I know you love Chinese buyers as you sell all kind of blocks big, small sizes & good medium bad qualities as group and without any headaches you earn your money, congrats however you can’t put all eggs in one basket. Marketing is everything, if you don’t do the marketing of your own material, their interest will be down too! I am not telling you not to sell blocks but bring some good qualities to your own factories too. I am selling blocks too but I always prefer to sell value-added special cut to size, slabs, tiles and steps and risers etc... I believe it is important for our sector."

In order to show you a wider perspective, I add some comments of my clients from Indonesia and South Korea to understand each other better.  

An Indonesian Company from Jakarta answered my following questions, I share for your review 

Production quality mostly depends heavily on the company you are dealing with. Some companies have more advanced machines and use better chemicals. In general, I don’t see many problems with production quality.  

Italy generally has better production quality and higher in prices. But again it depends on the materials and companies you are dealing with. Both countries have the same advantages as both have different uniqueness in materials. For example, Turkey is well known for beige marble and travertine while Italy is very strong in white. So both have their own roles in the stone industry. 

I buy both from Turkey and China … Many Turkish materials are easier to find in China as they have huge stocks and prices can be cheaper sometimes. I think because production costs are much lower in China. China has a big advantage because of fast shipment (only 10 days) and less import duty/tax. The only disadvantage is most Chinese companies cut only 1,6-1,8cm thickness which cannot be accepted in some markets. Nevertheless, you still need to go to Turkey if you want to find certain quality material. 

Turkish suppliers must compete in quality as the Chinese are killing everybody in price. 

A company from South Korea answered my questions as follows:

There are too many different companies, some companies quality is good, some is really poor.

Italian production quality is better than Turkey, the reason why the machine, human resource, and QC ability is better than Turkish companies. 

Yes, we buy some Turkish materials from China, because China companies have more competitive prices and quality. 

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