Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble is among the most preferred of beige marbles. Being a very popular design material for all architects, designers and construction people to use in the residential and/or commercial projects, it adds magnificence and beauty to any space it is in. 

Luckily, Mother Nature is very generous to Turkey supplying many different kind of Natural Stones with different colors and textures. Thanks to the immaculate creativity of Mother Nature offering us the wonders of beige marbles. It is a heaven of beige marbles with many different types, selections, tonality; all with warm sophistication and welcoming elegance. There are around 40 to 50 different types of beige marbles in Turkey. 

All beige marbles are rich in colors from lightest to darkest shades; some plain, the others have veiny or patchy characters. 

From different areas, different structures are available. 

Famous Beiges Marbles of Turkey

The most famous beige marbles of Turkey are extracted from :

  • Burdur – Isparta –Antalya area
  • Bursa – Bilecik area 
  • Konya – Mersin area 
  • Diyarbakır area

Light and dark shades, plain and spider characters are quarried from Burdur Area

Greyish beige marbles with strong spider type or smooth spider types from lightest to darkest shades are available from Konya Area 

Medium to dark shades with calcit veins and fossils are from Bursa

Diyarbakir area mainly offer softer beige, homogeneous selections and calcit veins and fossils.

All these beige marbles are good for both interior and exterior use, both beige marbles getting shinny polishing. They can be used for residential and commercial projects in private or public areas, in mosaics or fountains, etc… 

Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble : Rising Star

Nowadays the Rising Star of Turkey is Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble, with its delicate ivory texture and its charming personality, it fits in all kind of designs enhancing any space with an embracing harmony. It is ideal for creating sophisticated and high end environments with unique touch of style. 

Pleased to announce that the raw material of Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble is available in big quantities  anytime you need as the quarry is open all year round wq hile the quarries in Burdur Bursa and Konya areas are closed during Winter time (November to February).

Quarried in Turkey, it is a highly valued in all over the world  with its special light creamy color with timeless appeal. Its natural light color and its few smooth spider veins make each pieces unique. 

It is incredibly strong to be used in floors, walls, in all types of projects both residential and commercial as it is also good for high traffic areas. 

Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble is ideally suited for indoor and luxurious / high end projects with polished and honed finishes.

Due to its splendid ivory color, the demand is high from Far East, USA and Australia for each selections mainly extra selections with very clean smooth color in a homogenious veining as well as selections with flowers and with some yellowish veins.

Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble : Slabs or Tiles?

Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble is available as slabs and tiles produced in well equipped factories. USA is mainly buying tiles in special or big sizes and Far East and Australia buying slabs. Middle Eastern countries are also using for boutique projects such as private villas, palaces and/or luxurious hotels lobbies. Being an expensive and special material, it is especially recommended for all luxurious boutique projects.   

Many clients are buying big tiles to keep the selections very clean, as easier to keep the clean selection in smaller sizes. As slab sizes are usually very big (270 to 300cm) and keeping the same clean selection in very big sizes is not easy. 

Factories cutting Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble is all fully booked due to its high demand. Blocks are also available. 

So if you have any elegant project which you prefer to use Turkish Vanilla Ice Marble, you are kindly requested to contact me at your soonest convenience to be able to have on time delivery.   

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