With its sophisticated and stylish touch, the use of marble is one of the most important key factors for architects and interiors designers Precious, rare and its stunning natural beauty make every room, every space  exciting. 

For the most sophisticated and stylish touch in your home, the favorite way is to choose natural stones on floors, walls and furnishing details. Natural stone is perfect for exterior cladding, interior flooring, pool decks and much more. 

Marbles; regular, rare and exotic marbles and onyx collections available with variety of colors and types, all natural and delicate, bring a distinctive and elegant appeal to luxury interior design projects. Depending the colors, marbles offer the feeling of calm, strength and power and are gorgeous and graceful to the eye caressing the observer with a gentle embrace. 

Used in the constructions of the most beautiful architectures, Michelangelo’s sculptures, the ancient Greek Temples, castle interiors, churches, mosques and palaces, marble always inspired ancient and modern day architects and interior designers. Its timeless elegance has remained intact. 

Use of Marble in Today’s World

Marble made a modern twist in the world of interior design. We witness its major comeback with various creative ways to integrate into your interior. Associated with luxury, today it is very trendy in both design and architecture.  

Marble add natural beauty, charm, warmth and comforting intimacy to your space and makes it look larger, nicer and elegant. 

The use of marble spices up your living area and replace painted, wallpapered and carpeted surfaces. You may choose among the various types of marbles as per your taste either with dark colors or pale colors with polished or honed or flamed or special finishes. 

Marble slabs used on floors, walls, beautiful staircases, countertops, bathrooms, fire places in the interiors give the impression of wealth and glamor. Marble offers a classic touch to your decor while still staying modern. Natural marble has an irreplicable pattern and each slabs or tiles are different which make your house unique having its own identity. The essence of creativity expressed through a union of nature and high fashion. 

use of marble in interior design

If you are looking for a stunning, eye catching decoration for your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom, than consider marble slabs. With its own veiny character and different shades and colors such as beige, white, grey, black, green, pink, brown, marble continues to be used in today’s interiors coverings, floors, benches and façades. Natural Stones are the perfect solution for those who want to get an amazing and lasting effect. Perfect for giving depth to the most enlightened of designs. The wide variety of natural stones allow architects and interior designers to play with furnishing combinations inspiring motifs and decorative patterns from the most traditional to comtemporary ones and from cold to warm shades.   

The new trends leave the small tiles behind in favor of large slabs bookmatched on floors of residentials houses, hotels lobbies, etc… It is possible to design big marble slabs indoors and outdoors. Premium and precious selections of exotic stones; boutique marbles and onyx bookmatched slabs mainly on walls earned its place in luxury compositions. 

For kitchen countertops marble is always required as it combines beauty and durability.   

For bathrooms walls and floors and showers can be made with marble choosing colors, shape and finish. It will give an eternal and absolute elegance. 

Why Marble? 

  • Due to its shinny color, style and elegance, it blends well with any style and pattern of home and furniture. 
  • It is strong and durable. You can use for longtime no need to rethink about upgrading anytime soon marble with a proper usage can stand for 20+ years. 
  • Stays fresh and alive and shines forever.
  • Being natural, marbles’ exceptional features offer an ideal choice for beautifying your space. 
  • Various selections and shapes and sophisticated design patterns make it best option for home and office decor.  

Whether you agree or not, the first thing you notice in a house is its flooring. The feel of the floor, texture, tonality reflects its owner’s taste. It is preferred in high-end homes accross the globe.  

Using marble in living rooms ranks high up on the list of the best applications for marble Combining marbles beautifully veined like Turkish marbles in your living space may help you increase your home value. 

Marble designs can be kept simple but yet still luxurious. Marble can be used for floors, for wall cladding as well as furniture pieces like table tops, dining tables or accessories such as bowls, fruit plates. It will surely give your space a graceful ambience with its timeless presence.  

Why Turkish Marbles?

You can experiment with different slabs of marbles with various colors and textures as Turkey has %35 to %40 of the reserves of the world’s natural stones. 

By selecting and combining the right natural stone for interior design, combining it with flawless craftsmanship to transform into a masterpiece. Turkey has a high technology factories with good know how and experience to produce unique masterpieces. 

You can choose from a breathtaking range of marbles white, beige, grey, rosso, brown and other colored boutique marbles, onyx and travertine and limestones such as Bianco Ibıza, Bianco Royal, Lilac, Iceberg, Afyon White, Afyon Sugar, Crema Uno, Vanilla Ice, Cremo Bello Limestone, Tundra Grey, Tundra Light, Rosso Levanto, Emperador, etc…  

The finish you choose for your marble slabs plays an important role in integrity and longevity of the stone. Factories offer you a great range of innovative finishes such as polished, honed, leather, brushed, sand blasted, flamed etc… 

We highly recommend designers and architects from all over the world to visit Turkey and see its amazing nature and natural stones to choose the right ones from  endless choices and stunning options for their high end projects. 

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