NT Marble Trading Product Range


Ocean Grey

Ocean grey its waivy grey bluish color creates a stunning and attractive view. It is strong and can be used in all types of residential and commercial projects.

Bianco Ibıza

The most famous white marble of Turkey. Bianco Ibiza is a strong white marble with grey veins, highly recommended material for commercial projects such as shopping malls, airports.

Marmara Equator

A very well known marble for centuries used in many palaces, villas, mosques, Turkish baths, bathrooms. This marble’s high sulphur structure is one of the reasons of its high demand as also preferred to use in hygiene required areas (avoiding insects) like bathrooms

Burdur Beige / Crema Uno

One of the most trendy marble type. With its creamy background, strong structure and smooth character, Burdur Beige is the top selling star of many residential projects in all over the world. Quarries and well equipped factories in Burdur area are producing big quantities of blocks, slabs and tiles.

Cremo Bello Limestone

White Limestone of Finike is a beuatiful and unique limestone of Turkey. Far East, Middle East, UK and USA are the main markets for this special limestone.


Ideal for flooring, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and living spaces, it allows designers to create personalized and unique luxurious designs for their clients.


Emperador in Turkey has lighter colors than Spanish Emperador. Its brown emperador structure is usually combined with beige color marbles to create nice patterns.

lilac one of the best turkish marbles


Lilac is a boutique marble offering very special and unique patterns when produced bookmatch. Each blocks have its own vein structures

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans marble is a blue marble quarried in Turkey. It is good for flooring and wall cladding on decorative purposes with its amazing spectacle of colors.

Mugla Royal

Mugla Royal is a crystalised white marble with grey veins, strong material with big slabs, homogenious selections. Good for flooring and wall cladding not good for kitchen countertops.


One of the most used natural stones in the historical buildings. Its magnificent veins, rich composition and light beige color make travertine an outstanding material for construction both for interiors and exteriors for ages. It can be vein or cross cut which may change the appearance with different decorative effects.

Rosso Veneto

Rosso Venato is an amazing white dolomite with red veins quarried from Turkey. With its strong structure, it can be used both in flooring and wall cladding and countertops. Being a boutique material it is recommended to use in special projects

Tundra Light

Tundra Light very nice grey marble consistent in selection, an excellent choice to add elegance to your projects both commercial and boutique.

Vanilla Ice

An ivory cream marble suitable for walls, flooring, countertops, steps and pools. With its plain creamy white color it is highly recommended for boutique projects.

Afyon Sugar

Afyon Sugar has a milky white background with few yellow and violet veins. Very special white marble, strong and elegant good for high end, top quality small projects such as private villas.

Afyon White

Afyon White is the most popular white marble in Turkey with a compact structure without crystal. Afyon White with its milky white color is good for boutique and luxury projects

nt marble trading rosso levanto marbles

Rosso Levanto

It has a dark cherry color very unique boutique marble with smooth white veins. It has a high demand in the world mainly for special projects.

nt marble trading turkey

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