Mugla White Marble known also as Turkish Bianco Ibıza is one of the most preferred marbles quarried in Turkey.

Mugla is an efficiently rich region of white marbles, an all white background with breathtaking soft grey veining, some slabs having clouds or spots all combined harmonically to form a unique identity that Mother Nature gifted us. 

Many quarries with white marbles in Mugla; both very nice, both very popular. Turkey has large reserves of white marbles in Mugla widely known materials in the world.    

Characteristics of Mugla White

Mainly two different characteristics from two dfferent town of Mugla are known in the world market, one is Karaltı-Eskihisar town and the other is Kavaklıdere Derebag town. 

The quarries in Karaltı- Eskihisar part has fine compact crystals, light background but softer materials and smaller size slabs. Many different selections even from one block you may get many types of selections. Due to its light background it has more demand mainly from Spain that’s why they name it Bianco Ibiza.

mugla white bianco ibiza in slabs
Mugla White Bianco Ibıza

The quarries in Kavaklıdere- Derebag part has bigger crystals, one shade darker background but stronger and bigger slabs, less selections and more homogenious blocks. For big projects it is recommended as it can be easily supplied with homogenious selections. It is usually named Bianco Royal or Mugla Royal or Royal White. 

mugla white royal in slabs
Mugla White Royal

Both are recommended for interior and exterior floorings and walls and countertops, steps and risers, fountains, pools, tombstones. Available in polished, honed, sand blasted, bush hammered, flammed surfaces, mainly cut in tiles and slabs.  

Turkish Bianco Ibıza is a marble with full of elegance and capable of creating beauty in any room or kitchen or bathroom applied. It is a distinguished and beautiful construction material, strong, long lasting and adored by its fantastic and sophisticated feel and classic appeal. These white marbles are also perfect for various arts and crafts projects and mosaics. 

Everything about Turkish Bianco either Bianco Ibiza or Bianco Royal is a feast for the eyes. Luxuriously elegant, it adds personality and beauty to your space. Stylish and inspiring with charm and delight.   

I always feel good to see wonderful slabs and tiles as I only choose the best ones, never compromise the quaity. To see happy faces of my clients are the best award for me to forget all the tiredness, hours of travels and all dust at sites and factories. 

İt is highly preferred in Turkish Architecture as many mosques and palaces are adorned with Mugla White.

mugla white marble in Turkish Architecture
Cıragan Palace Istanbul Turkey

It is always pleasure and emotional to be inside of big palaces, mosques, churches and cathedrales decorated with huge white marbles’ floorings, walls, statues. This is always a fascinated feeling.  

It takes passion and experience to transform the working of natural stone into an art with harmonious designs. Elegant and timeless white marbles of Mugla both Bianco Ibiza and Bianco Royal add a charming depth to each space and turn heads in any living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms used. It brings a sense of harmony with Mother Nature’s inspiration. There is no better designer than Mother Nature.  

If you are looking for beautiful and good quality Mugla White slabs and tiles, we will be happy to supply with competitive prices. We inspect each and every material before loading and only select the best slabs and tiles we like. 

We can immediately satisfy our customers requests worldwide and consistently respond to any construction projects around the world. Ideal both for your luxurious projects and for your commercial projects, Mugla White marbles are solid, beautiful, sophisticated allowing amazing designs. White marbles continue to set trends in interior designs and presents magnificent projects. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry.

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