The Power of Marketing in Marble Industry in Turkey

Your business may offer the best products and services in your sector, but your business success lies only in marketing. You need marketing to be known by your potential clients and to be able to sell enough quantity at a suitable price. In this article I will try to discuss the importance of marketing in marble industry in details and to explain how sales are an outcome of marketing.

Your pricing depends not only on quality, revenue goals, customer demand, competitor pricing, overall market and economic trends but also on brand positioning and products awareness.

As Steve Jobs, co-founder and former Apple CEO said

“Marketing is about values. It is a complicated and noisy world and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So, we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us”

Everything a company does and says shows about the values an organization holds dearest and the values an organization are guided by. 

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room” Jeff Bezos

You Absolutely Need Marketing

No matter what kind of business you’re running, you absolutely need marketing. Moreover, marketing with digital technology tools can build awareness for your company and your product worldwide and convert that into purchases faster than ever before. 

Smart marketing may help your business to step to next level, 

  • For product awareness,
  • To increase your revenue, 
  • For brand positioning,
  • To focus on real customers who have real intent to buy your products, 
  • To have repeat business 
  • Pls, do not forget you don’t need to be the best to sell the best. 

The awareness of the power of marketing in marble industry is crucially important.

Your Product Won’t Sell Itself

Many companies in Turkey are not aware of the importance and the power of marketing in marble industry. They believe that “GOOD PRODUCT / MARBLE WILL SELL ITSELF” which is totally wrong and ignorant. This is the main reason that many of them are obliged to work only with the trader companies with very low-profit margins. Sometimes we see them working for their costs only without making any money to be able to sell their materials. Even if the materials are very good quality, they don’t seem to know or use the real value of their own products due to their ignorance. Because without a smart marketing strategy and an experienced marketing team, you can’t sell your products on good terms no matter how good your marble is.

We can see this kind of behavior not only in small companies but also in big ones too, not knowing customer relations and after-sales services. Especially after-sales services are very bad in Turkey except in some good and successful companies. I can clearly experience that during my trader career. This must change. If we want to have a strong existence in the world’s marble industry, mainly the bosses/company owners should be educated on these subjects and see the opportunities arising. Our resources in Turkey are better than many leaders in marble. They buy from us and sell with higher profits than us. 

As per the Global Construction Perspectives and reports on Global Construction 2030, the US and Indian construction industries are expected to grow faster than China’s construction industry. The global construction volume is expected to grow by around %85 by 2030. The building and construction industries are the largest consumers of natural stone and marble. 

Shining Star in Marble World

Turkey having around %40 of the resources of marble in the world may be a shining star if we can use this opportunity. In Turkey we have very special and nice beige, white and grey marbles for everyday uses; in residential, office and commercial buildings and many types of expensive colored & boutique marbles for decorative purposes in luxury buildings. In the meantime, we have well-equipped factories all over Turkey with professional marble workers, all having good knowledge of marble. We are ready to compete with our well-known competitors if we can manage our sources efficiently. So, I believe we have all sources we need in Turkey, except strong and smart marketing strategies. 

As consumers are now willing to pay more for natural, long-lasting marbles, there is a rising demand for expensive marble which plays a vital role in improving the aesthetic appeal of the building’s interior. 

To be the Leader of the Marble World

Hope Turkey may use the opportunity to be the leader of the marble world. With the right marketing strategies, we can present the country as a high-end producer of the world instead of a bad quality / low-price producer of the world. I highly believe that to step forward to the next level, the vision of marble companies’ should change.

They should understand the power of marketing in marble industry. They should create their marketing teams from experienced , well educated and good knowledge people showing them the way to sell the products with their real value. Or they may prefer to hire marketing consultants

If not, there will be always someone telling their ears that good material will sell itself without any marketing efforts!!! So, like a cat, they will try to catch their own tails with no success!!! 

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